Acoustic Suspended Ceilings

Acoustic suspended ceilings – which could also be referred to as sound absorbing ceiling are a perfect solution to improving the acoustics in a space.

These ceilings can help improve the acoustics in an office space, a school, or a leisure facility. They work by absorbing the sound as it travels through the air and bounces off the ceiling, which can help create a much more comfortable environment acoustically.

Acoustic suspended ceilings are commonly installed in schools, offices, hospitals, shops and other commercial spaces. They are effective at reducing the noise which can help improve peoples concentration in a space, or they can help to improve speech intelligibility (important in schools or conference rooms).

When installed the acoustic grid ceiling can reduce the echo / reverberation time in a room, which can be very helpful in large spaces with a lot of hard surfaces; including gyms or auditoriums.

There are a wide range of acoustic ceilings available; from a clean white grid and tile through to coloured grids and tiles; which do unfortunately come at a slight premium.

It is possible to change the ceiling tiles in a grid, to remove old non-acoustic tiles and install new sound absorbing tiles in their place.

So an acoustic ceiling can be a cost-effective and efficient way of improving the acoustics in a space; making them idea for commercial or educational settings.

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