Hygienic Suspended Ceilings

Hygienic suspended ceilings are designed to offer a high level of hygiene and cleanliness in your space. These ceilings are most commonly used in locations such as hospitals, laboratories, food manufacturing and process plants, and other facilities when a high level of cleanliness and hygienie is important.

There are several different levels of hygienic ceiling, from a simple pvc faced wipe clean tile that is suitable for more low level situations, through to systems that can be pressure washed at high psi, take scrubbing with cleaning products, or be resistant to bacterial growth. Each can have its own nuances for the installation, which are important to follow.

In addition to the above properties, a hygienic suspended ceiling is also designed to be durable; they are typically constructed from gridwork that is either galvanised or formed from a composite material.

Some ceilings can also help with the acoustics in a room by being highly sound absorbing.

In summary, a hygienic ceiling is an essential requirement in any area where hygiene and cleanliness is important, and getting the right ceiling specified for the right area is important.

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