Coloured Suspended Ceilings

There are ceiling tiles and grids available that are finished in a range of colours.

No longer does a ceiling need to be just plain white – unless that’s the look you’re after of course.

Whilst a coloured ceiling can be a little more expensive than a standard ceiling, they do offer you the change to inject some personality into a ceiling whilst still maintaining all the additional positives of a grid ceiling; such as improved acoustics and offering a service void.

Just like a white tile, a coloured ceiling tile can be highly effective at helping to control the sound in a room, by offering a large area of sound absorbing material which helps reduce the sound reverberation (or echo) in a room.

By installing a coloured ceiling you really can help create a unique looking area and atmosphere in your space.

As with a standard ceiling tile, a coloured ceiling tile is simple to maintain and with care will last for years without issue. Tiles from particular manufacturers can be moisture resistant and Class A sound absorbing, whilst still offering easy access to the service void above.

For any further information about coloured ceilings, please do get in touch.